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So we watched this yday, but I was too busy crazy finishing my crossovering fill to type up a review then (this might be a thing? It might not stick, but eh two weeks in a row)

Spoilers, as last week, for episode three of Discovery )
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Ok, so I have now watched both episodes of the Star Trek Discovery, and I'm not sure how I feel about it?

Thoughts behind here - spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet )
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One of the jobs at the moment is checking for hedgehogs/random cats before releasing the hounds into the garden......

I opened the door, and discovered the patio covered in blood and bits of something else - five minutes of poking, I discovered that the bits were the remnants of worms (I was concerned I had somehow missed the dogs up to something earlier....though how I would have missed THAT I have no idea but I honestly did not think worms bleed? I've never seen a worm bleed, but apparently, they have red blood, go figure o.o)

Apparently the hedgehog decided to massacre 18 worms on the patio, mere feet away from the unlocked cat flap......which given the crazed charge around the garden by the hounds, was at least partly witnessed by them *face palms*


Aug. 23rd, 2017 10:12 pm
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I watched Defenders (between all the varous other things I have going on, urgh) and URGH. Dang it.

Leaving it there is mean, even with it being what it was. (Vague weasel is vague :p)

It was good....I liked the way they built the team better than how cinematic did with the Avengers - and they finally did some of the things I had been expecting for a while.

And....I need a Matt icon. I will never not love Daredevil (but Charlie is totally my favourite Daredevil.)


Aug. 12th, 2017 03:07 pm
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It is finally a sunny day here!

Poking at Mummy fics on AO3 and a bunch of 2017 Mummy fics have invaded o.o (Have been working on a selection of mummy fics, and I always do the poke to see what there is thing) EDIT: I am kinda disturbed my how many Alex O'Connell/Imhotep fics there are o.O
I also have two exchanges to work on....

The dog is 6 today! Which is craziness, still doesn't feel like that long ago that I held the biggest tiny thing for the first time! (She was born in this house and we have her parents so....never not had my pup). We have her youngest littermate as well (our youngest four and two girls from each littler, so joint birthdays!)

Feeling a little more optimistic than I was earlier in the week (and thanks for comments) though it has been a week of bad/frustrating. I miss saner peeps being around. (And keep contemplating the best way to inform people to clean up after themselves please, I am not doing it for you every dang time). I also managed to have an epic nosebleed first thing thurs when I was only person in to clean *face palms*

I am really hoping next week is better....and I have poked around and found a few more things to apply for, which look exciting, I just have to not get invested while writing the aps, too much. Also working on the project I have been toying with since first uni, and actually going to get it done this time dang it. Honest.


Jul. 24th, 2017 11:24 pm
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In a slightly strange place atm - mostly because I found two jobs to apply for, both with differing pros and cons, and both amazing opportunites.

I've finished the application for one - which is potentially long term, in a beautiful part of the country and an amazing opportunity - it's all submitted and closing date passed, so it's wait and see. I was interested, but doing the application and still dwelling on it now, has thrown me off *heh*

The other I have a week and a bit to go - not started yet, needing a rest after the last one! - it's a maternity cover, so would only be a short term, I don't have to move, but it'd give my CV a huge boast.

So yeah - tis weird. We will finally be getting a new boss at work (but all the lead in has made for an interesting atmosphere - they clearly wanted an external person, leaving all us internals all too aware that we have absolutely no progression opportunities, and as the single, childless work person, this queued me poking much more actively for new jobs. Which of course, me being single, need to be on the higher side paywise or I just can't afford to live (unless local, which leaves me with the same stuck in parents house situation :/)

The weather has been rather varied (with flash floods - I just made it home, but had to drive through white out torrential rain, work mate poked me to make sure I'd made it home and everything!)
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So I did a funny little tour of some of the southern Scottish islands and shambled around Oban area for a while. My pictures are aminly from either my phone or digital polaroid, because Athena pulled me down a slope and my 'better' camera got clayed.....

We visited, looked at, a total of 15 castles apparently. More than I thought! Only pictures of 10 though. Well that I can find easily!

All Castle photos behind here )
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So - I let my paid LJ lapse so am back to having ads all the time on there - but I wasn't really willing to pay for LJ with how it goes now - I did import all my LJ before hand though, to make sure I didn't lose anything.

I also had a moment where I thought I still had loads of links to my ancient photobucket account, but it turns out I stopped using them years ago, like almost a decade o.O - so my graphics links are actually pretty much all still live so yay.

We didn't have a great wimbledon - but we did get some champions so not terrible (mixed doubles and wheelchair ladies and gents doubles! aka we're good at doublea apparently ;) )

13th Doctor got announced - and yay girl!doctor is canon (though *coughs* we did have a girl!doctor in the comic relief skit ;) ) though not sure about the actress (and it feels more and more like the joss whedon old boys club thing - with her having worked so much with the new boss :/) but we'll have to see!
(I am actually going to watch it again, just to see what new showrunner does, as his run of Torchwood was the best, though his other work is a bit mixed....)

I dropped out of het big bang (because I couldn't see me getting done in time so :/) - but Genex and most likely crossovering (though a little foiled, as someone listed one of my fandoms saying they'd nom'd it, turns out they hadn't? But still plenty of options, it's just deciding....)

Will be posting some scottish castle photos tomorrow (from my May tour of the isles ;) - I saw lots of pretty castles, though sadly you can't go into many of them cos ruins and having the hound).

Fourth July

Jul. 4th, 2017 05:28 pm
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I hope people who celebrate 4th July have had a good weekend/are having a good time

It's wimbledon time again and of course we have rain again Heh. Fingers crossed for the Murrays (like mainly Jamie, but Andy is cool too) and the GBR ladies. Also hoping that they show some of the wheelchair games on main channels again......

John Mcenroe has been a dick again, and I am never no frustrated whenever the debates of who is better at sport gender wise...and the fact there is the tendancy for them to always say men are better. Like to be honest, British sports? Most of our women's teams perform SO MUCH BETTER than our men. But almost no one talks about them.

gendered sport commentary )

There's a lot of disturbing news around - the latest UK news, is about girls and body image again, and it's so close to FGM that it's all the more disturbing, and I have no idea what it says that between my age group and teenagers today this has become a thing. (And, surprise, the person defending it, and saying it helps girls self confidence, is a male plastic surgeon....)
Messed up.


On less meh front - the funny thing, after watching wonder woman, was the friend I went to see it with, didn't think Diana's armour could be practical in real life. Which actually, nope, it's practical. And I get to be a 'ancient history' geek (Ancient Warfare at Uni, heh, the fire pan helmet roman will never fade from my memory, crazy dude).

It's entirely based around the shield mind - because generally armour style was influenced by the shape of your shield, and the way that you tended to fight. Like the Roman turtle almost everyone knows.
Mid arm and mid leg armour was never really a thing, partly because it can impair movement, and partly because if you were using your shield right, you didn't need it.

Diana's armour is pretty much hoplite armour, without the stupid helmet. So yup practical and realistic. The lack of helmet, to be honest, isn't much of a downside, as it didn't really protect much (these were people who fought with a spear and a sword. A thrown spear that clips your helmet, helmet will mostly protect from injury, spear hits? Your helmet kills you....) and gave limited sight lines.

So yeah - that was the one major downside of the film my friend had - and actually it was because of modern POV on armour needing to be full body....


Jun. 26th, 2017 08:21 pm
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I did not actually get any squares on my bingo card for knit in public day (which was bizarre as we were busy - but I think mostly busy with people avoiding the horrific weather that day!)


I have been doing better with reading actual books recently - and in doing so read two very different stories with Transgender lead characters, one good and one, not so good.

1 - The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson - This was the not so good. It has a lot of issues, and does a lot of strange things, and adds unessecary drama to something that should have plenty. It also randomly does lots of class stuff (with extreme!council estate v rich people, who are actually seemingly just middle class-ish....) Set in UK, so lots that jumped out at me than might have if set in US.
The author is not transgender but 'works with transgender youth, who were all really positive about her book'. A statement she actually makes at the end, which is painful and awkward.
I wouldn't recommend as a first trans character read, or a solid good plot - and it's got a lot of triggers to warn for (which includes transphobia, from everyone o.o - and sexual assault)

2 - If I was Your Girl by Meredith Russo - This is a good book, no issues that it doesn't own up to (none are big issues, unlike Williamson's book). It's an interesting story, lacking additional drama, and it covers the experience of transitioning, and how the character felt before and after. It feels a lot more real than the other. Set in the US, so I may not have noticed bits.
The author is transgender - and has a really lovely set of end notes (one for cis readers, one for non-cis readers). It lacks a wince worthy closing statement, and is generally really sincere.
100% recommend, triggers wise, shows transphobia but from a very different angle, and different treatment than the art of being normal, and there is violence towards the character.


This year, so far, I'm at 28 books read so far (not sure if will make the aim of 90, will have to see :s)


Long weekend this weekend, may go see wonder woman again.....will have to see how feel.

So hot

Jun. 18th, 2017 08:15 pm
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It has been a weird few weeks......personally and nationally. So all a bit surreal.

It is far too hot - am on one hand glad to be off work, on the other hand, I work in a stone building that hasn't caught the heat yet......so I would not be overheating if at work (seriously - I survived well in southern california because you have air conditioning - heat in the uk? like only shops and new build offices have air conditioning that works. This is why so many of us act like we're dying when we get actual heat.....)

Have been working through the dogs giving them over due baths (up side of the weather - bathing huskies is actually reasonable, and they actually dry within 24 hours!)
All our wee frogs are in hiding around the pond (the tadpoles are 50% tiny frogs, 50% two legged tadpoles) - and the six pairs of collared doves that lurk around our garden are mourning the passing of our old tree that got cut down two weeks ago.

Fandomy stuff - wynnona earp season two has started over here (we're only a few days behind this time! Not months! It's just on a random freeview channel at 10pm on a tuesday....) so am actually watching something on tv again *heh*


Jun. 9th, 2017 11:15 pm
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Tomorrow is Knit in Public Day ( https://www.wwkipday.com/ ) - and I'm working.

This means I have my bingo card ready, and two different knitting projects to take in. (One is for work - the other not - given that I have knitted for work at home, this seems only fair).

Given that half of the squares on the bingo card are things I have had before, I'm sure there will be at least seven squares marked off by the time we close at 5! (I am not supervisor this weekend, so will be out front all day apart from lunch).

The sad thing, the snarky comments are typically an older man thing (the number of old guys who ask you what you're making them, what you'll make them, if they are boring you (all as they reach the top of the stairs and you greet them...) ) It's rare and lovely when you get a bloke who knits/crochets, remembers their female relative or wishes they could.

It gets more conversation out of visitors as well, so it's refreshing. (Apart from the time one guy had a long rant about how we should just have to sit on desk all day doing nothing, certainly not knitting, as we're paid. Given that 80% if I'm making something at work, i't's for work, that opinion is always a fun one. (Our kid's trail beastie gets seasonal outfits & I'm making new dressing up stuff, as the old stuff is undead)
I dread to think how he would react to Manchester Museum where they all have ipads and sit playing games.....maybe sometimes work, but last time I visited two were playing soltaire).


Jun. 7th, 2017 08:45 pm
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Still alive - really really need to post & comment more.

I dislike politics, and kinda wish that tomorrow will be the end of it, but lets be honest, given our current circumstances it won't be. (I work with people with STRONG political views, so it's FUN at the moment - I am fine with people having strong views, but the rants are excessive and partly inappropriate given who we work for.....).

This weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster (had friend up for four days - went to a convention - same con as last year - seems to be cursed for a bad thing to happen one night of this con - second year, second time it's happened o.O) - sad we had another so soon :( but we aren't letting them win. (And certain people are stupid - and totally don't get the british mentality when it comes to these things. We stay strong, stay calm, and get on with things).

Crazy weather - mostly the high winds these last two days, done an amount of damage around me o.O


Bright side:

- Americans apparently don't know 'the floor is lava' (the manc guest DJ'd and yelled the floor is lava, leaving the two american guests abandoned on the dance floor while all the attendees were hanging off the stage/on tables/chairs - the guests were still miffed sunday)

-Saw Wonder Woman - AMAZING film - so pretty, great narrative, and amazing showcase of how to do a female superhero *draws hearts around*
It had good female representation - they got a range of POC supporting characters (played by appropriate actors), even if they couldn't get a lot in in other places. Really good.

-Our tadpoles mostly all have legs now! Lots of wee frogs!
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I just got home from holiday (literally last night) - I honestly did not think that this was the news I would be waking up to.

I don't know what it is about Manchester, but it's always kids. That's absolutely the worst bit of this, versus the other recent ones in UK, this is going to have effected a lot of kids. And it's awful.

Thoughts out to all involved - I know I don't have very many UK friends peeps, but hugs to all who are.


Apr. 20th, 2017 09:47 pm
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OK, so I just read 'The Captive Prince' by C S Pacat - and that is one weird ass, slightly creepy book. Anyone who has not read it, trigger warnings for pedophilia, rape, sexual violence, violence and slavery.

I say that, but I'm going to read the rest of the trilogy, because I want answers.

It is not however an amazing, or brillant book. It lacks some of Fifty Shades' utterly terrible writing, but it's worse in the sense of lacking plot for the first half and the amount of almost casual sexual violence/references to sexual violence.

I read it because it gets mentioned so much, and people have raved and it's might be made into a film or something. It get touted as a really good m/m trilogy and for POC representation.

I knew there was some sexual violence, but yeah, wasn't expecting quite what it is. It also isn't a good m/m relationship (or any relationships in the first book) and the POC element is v awkward. And there are no women. And there's no mention of mothers, though they were apparently married to the main characters fathers.

I was a bit amused as it seems to be an attempt at Ancient Greece v Ancient Rome, if they'd been even more hardcore about slavery and sex. *face palms* You could do that, and it could be AMAZING, but this book seems to focused on the potential kinks of the reader to fully engage in the fantasy or cultural exploration.

I am curious as to what others think though, so if any of you have read it, let me know!

(And yeah, this post isn't crossposted to LJ)


Apr. 18th, 2017 04:05 pm
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2017, the year that keeps on giving *face palms* - I am glad that I am away for most of May and relatively remote *g*

I hope everyone had a good easter who celebrate/had time off

So from now on, I will make an effort to post more and to that end, here follows a brief driving rant ;)

Ok so, there's UK highway code thing that says when approaching a single lane hump back bridge (you can't see the other side - mostly over railway lines or canals) you sound your horn to let people know you are coming across.
Sadly a lot of people think you have mystical powers and can in fact see them and are telling them to come. I have no idea why, that 75% people's response to me sounding my horn is to come over the bridge (today I was literally at the top and they came at me and refused to back up FUN TIMES) - if they sounded their horn back, ok that's letting you know they are there and will wait (well should mean that as they answered you)

It is one of the most annoying things, I would love to say it's a Lancashire thing, but I had it over Whitby way and down south so :/


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