So hot

Jun. 18th, 2017 08:15 pm
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It has been a weird few weeks......personally and nationally. So all a bit surreal.

It is far too hot - am on one hand glad to be off work, on the other hand, I work in a stone building that hasn't caught the heat I would not be overheating if at work (seriously - I survived well in southern california because you have air conditioning - heat in the uk? like only shops and new build offices have air conditioning that works. This is why so many of us act like we're dying when we get actual heat.....)

Have been working through the dogs giving them over due baths (up side of the weather - bathing huskies is actually reasonable, and they actually dry within 24 hours!)
All our wee frogs are in hiding around the pond (the tadpoles are 50% tiny frogs, 50% two legged tadpoles) - and the six pairs of collared doves that lurk around our garden are mourning the passing of our old tree that got cut down two weeks ago.

Fandomy stuff - wynnona earp season two has started over here (we're only a few days behind this time! Not months! It's just on a random freeview channel at 10pm on a tuesday....) so am actually watching something on tv again *heh*


Jun. 9th, 2017 11:15 pm
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Tomorrow is Knit in Public Day ( ) - and I'm working.

This means I have my bingo card ready, and two different knitting projects to take in. (One is for work - the other not - given that I have knitted for work at home, this seems only fair).

Given that half of the squares on the bingo card are things I have had before, I'm sure there will be at least seven squares marked off by the time we close at 5! (I am not supervisor this weekend, so will be out front all day apart from lunch).

The sad thing, the snarky comments are typically an older man thing (the number of old guys who ask you what you're making them, what you'll make them, if they are boring you (all as they reach the top of the stairs and you greet them...) ) It's rare and lovely when you get a bloke who knits/crochets, remembers their female relative or wishes they could.

It gets more conversation out of visitors as well, so it's refreshing. (Apart from the time one guy had a long rant about how we should just have to sit on desk all day doing nothing, certainly not knitting, as we're paid. Given that 80% if I'm making something at work, i't's for work, that opinion is always a fun one. (Our kid's trail beastie gets seasonal outfits & I'm making new dressing up stuff, as the old stuff is undead)
I dread to think how he would react to Manchester Museum where they all have ipads and sit playing games.....maybe sometimes work, but last time I visited two were playing soltaire).


Jun. 7th, 2017 08:45 pm
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Still alive - really really need to post & comment more.

I dislike politics, and kinda wish that tomorrow will be the end of it, but lets be honest, given our current circumstances it won't be. (I work with people with STRONG political views, so it's FUN at the moment - I am fine with people having strong views, but the rants are excessive and partly inappropriate given who we work for.....).

This weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster (had friend up for four days - went to a convention - same con as last year - seems to be cursed for a bad thing to happen one night of this con - second year, second time it's happened o.O) - sad we had another so soon :( but we aren't letting them win. (And certain people are stupid - and totally don't get the british mentality when it comes to these things. We stay strong, stay calm, and get on with things).

Crazy weather - mostly the high winds these last two days, done an amount of damage around me o.O


Bright side:

- Americans apparently don't know 'the floor is lava' (the manc guest DJ'd and yelled the floor is lava, leaving the two american guests abandoned on the dance floor while all the attendees were hanging off the stage/on tables/chairs - the guests were still miffed sunday)

-Saw Wonder Woman - AMAZING film - so pretty, great narrative, and amazing showcase of how to do a female superhero *draws hearts around*
It had good female representation - they got a range of POC supporting characters (played by appropriate actors), even if they couldn't get a lot in in other places. Really good.

-Our tadpoles mostly all have legs now! Lots of wee frogs!
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I just got home from holiday (literally last night) - I honestly did not think that this was the news I would be waking up to.

I don't know what it is about Manchester, but it's always kids. That's absolutely the worst bit of this, versus the other recent ones in UK, this is going to have effected a lot of kids. And it's awful.

Thoughts out to all involved - I know I don't have very many UK friends peeps, but hugs to all who are.


Apr. 20th, 2017 09:47 pm
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OK, so I just read 'The Captive Prince' by C S Pacat - and that is one weird ass, slightly creepy book. Anyone who has not read it, trigger warnings for pedophilia, rape, sexual violence, violence and slavery.

I say that, but I'm going to read the rest of the trilogy, because I want answers.

It is not however an amazing, or brillant book. It lacks some of Fifty Shades' utterly terrible writing, but it's worse in the sense of lacking plot for the first half and the amount of almost casual sexual violence/references to sexual violence.

I read it because it gets mentioned so much, and people have raved and it's might be made into a film or something. It get touted as a really good m/m trilogy and for POC representation.

I knew there was some sexual violence, but yeah, wasn't expecting quite what it is. It also isn't a good m/m relationship (or any relationships in the first book) and the POC element is v awkward. And there are no women. And there's no mention of mothers, though they were apparently married to the main characters fathers.

I was a bit amused as it seems to be an attempt at Ancient Greece v Ancient Rome, if they'd been even more hardcore about slavery and sex. *face palms* You could do that, and it could be AMAZING, but this book seems to focused on the potential kinks of the reader to fully engage in the fantasy or cultural exploration.

I am curious as to what others think though, so if any of you have read it, let me know!

(And yeah, this post isn't crossposted to LJ)


Apr. 18th, 2017 04:05 pm
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2017, the year that keeps on giving *face palms* - I am glad that I am away for most of May and relatively remote *g*

I hope everyone had a good easter who celebrate/had time off

So from now on, I will make an effort to post more and to that end, here follows a brief driving rant ;)

Ok so, there's UK highway code thing that says when approaching a single lane hump back bridge (you can't see the other side - mostly over railway lines or canals) you sound your horn to let people know you are coming across.
Sadly a lot of people think you have mystical powers and can in fact see them and are telling them to come. I have no idea why, that 75% people's response to me sounding my horn is to come over the bridge (today I was literally at the top and they came at me and refused to back up FUN TIMES) - if they sounded their horn back, ok that's letting you know they are there and will wait (well should mean that as they answered you)

It is one of the most annoying things, I would love to say it's a Lancashire thing, but I had it over Whitby way and down south so :/


Apr. 6th, 2017 09:50 pm
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So - stuff has mostly calmed down, and my free time is my own again \0/

Re: all the LJ stuff, it doesn't change too much for me, I shall remain on both, though I may not pay for a paid account on LJ anymore.... (I moved to posting only on AO3 a while back, so I don't need to worry that my content will get me deleted) - that said I am on dreamwidth, same username, and will be shifting my old writing/art community over there (finally) and only doing those posts to that account.

General stuff I shall however continue to cross post until no one is on LJ most likely!


Work is a bit crazy, we have three weeks of half term, and are suffering for the lack of a manager (and various other complications, not helped by lack of said manager)

The stuff - the boy's fourth child was born at the beginning of march. They noticed he was favouring one arm, asked the midwife during a check up, got sent to the children's ward, and stuff went down. Thankfully it did not drag out as long as it was suggested it would - though the doctor who set the ball rolling is still set on the same version (against all experts *face palms*) so some fun moments still.

I am doing art for stuff - it's been a while, but it's nice.

I saw beauty and the beast (the new songs are pretty, but don't quite jive with the old ones, lyrical style wise, some interesting choices and added plot, and frustrating baiting - and the animated version is better)

And Power Rangers - which is a really good film and autistic super hero <3 (I have seen mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it, it was framed well as an intro film).
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Round 11 - Card 1

Body Swap / Body Share You're only young twice: Age Regression Something or Someone Falls Ghosts and Hauntings That Moment (incident / chapter / episode) in detail
Minorities / Characters of Colour / Women in Canon Missing Persons Quarantine Episode Tags and Missing Scenes Wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey: Time travel
A Blackmail Attempt Rescue me: Damsels (and others) in distress Wild Card Curses Apocalypse
Watching Helplessly Hurt / Comfort Character Study Journeys and Quests Original characters
Identity Crisis Reunions Terrible Choices A Battle / Fight / Confrontation Race Against Time

I Live

Mar. 20th, 2017 11:41 pm
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Sorry - been quiet of recent.

So much stuff going on - up side we have heating and hot water again - downside we have an ongoing saga, details of which I can't go into at this point, just edging on illegal and complete failure and I really want to tear into someone, but no one can risk it at this point.


Lots of life drama, but hopefully, hopefully, it'll improve soon *crosses all things*

I hope you are all well
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Dear Fandom5k Writer

First, yay for being matched, second, thank you and I promise I'm fairly easy and I will appreciate anything you write!

Given the length of work you'll be creating for this, I felt like I needed to provide you with a little more depth then my comments on the sign up. So here are some general things, and some ideas.

letter behind here )
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Today we went to see Hacksaw Ridge it's a good film and worth going to see - but it is gorey (and it looks more physical effects than CGI - just as potential trigger/squick warning)

Last week I did a family session based on a random art idea and it was enjoyed by all (and I got a few parents say 'never thought/seen this done before but it so good' so yay! completely new session that worked)

I have been watching Emerald City - two eps in and it's interesting so far.

Random criminal minds thoughts (yup, I kept watching, because mainly I wanted to see where they go with Tara/Luke/Stephen, sadly too little of them so far :() behind here because spoilers )

It's the funeral this thursday, so I'm driving myself and the boy down - we'll say a kinda goodbye to the house we had all our holidays in as kids, and then that's it. Tis a massive end of an era and really weird.

And we are bossless at work (boss left, not replacement yet) and it's also weird and sad. So weird times all around!

*hugs to all*


Feb. 13th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Thanks for all the well wishes - we've got the funeral the end of next week, and it'll be weird saying goodbye to the house as well (council house, so it shall go on to someone else soon).

It rather windy here at the moment - and it's half term - so much craziness and craft sessions (and the boss has now finished and we are boss less for a while, which should be interesting.....)


Feb. 1st, 2017 05:36 pm
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Granddad died this afternoon (following my post yday - which is about the usual with these things :/) - it was peaceful and he made it to a good age (and out lived his younger wife by a few years)- just sad that there was no way ma could make it down on time (the uncle was with him).
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Granddad is at this point still in hospital - he's picked up another random infection and they are actually progressing things, but he's going to have to be placed in care if/when he gets discharged. (finally - they've kept saying he's fine to be home alone etc - but at this point, really no).

I am in the middle of my patch test (patches with potential allergins put on your back and left for three days to see how react) and my god it randomly itches, and feels weird because my shoulder blades are all taped over *eye twitches* - but hopefully will have a confirmed list of common allergies come thursday \0/

Uni open day on Friday (for the planned MSc) managed to get place on open day - driving south thursday afternoon and staying overnight, then four hour drive back friday night. But actually visiting will be good.

I will finish some quilts this year - am sorting out stuff so the part done are all together, and the various others to start are all together....

We'll see.

*hugs to all*

La La Land

Jan. 25th, 2017 08:46 pm
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OKay - so film review time - me and ma went to see La La Land....two weeks ago.

Given all the hype and various comments about it - I wanted to put my thoughts down on here.

My opinion: It's not a good film. It's a badly paced, visually frustrating, oddly plotted film.

It will probably win all the things. If you go see it, expect to get bored/frustrated, especially if you have any investment in female characters. If you go expecting that then enjoy it, great ;)

Spoilers behind here, just in case )
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I really did think I had posted before this month, but turns out not?

Anyhoo - belated Happy New Year - hope folks are good.

The boy is expecting another child (in March, we found out over xmas - we totally have a healthy family relationship...... apparently one of the teachers responded to this with 'another one!?!' then expressed relief that the eldest would not longer be there by the time number 4 starts, and number 2 may be through by the time number 5 starts)

I have therefore been duly informed by ma that I really don't need to have any kids (this will make four of the boy's own and plus the elder half bro *face palms* - in a two bedroom place....)

I will be keeping my LJ and DW accounts and crossposting as usual - anyone heading to DW, my username is the same on both :)
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This year I will record my reading here as well as on Goodreads.

Aim this year - 100 books again, third year lucky? Maybe. Also - at least 75% of the books I read should be written by women, POC, LGBT or disabled authors. I read far too much white male author fiction.

I'll finish my to-read pile of library book from last year, than focus on non white male authors.


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